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"Asian Resources, Inc (ARI) is committed to serving the needs of our youth. This year ARI collaborated with the Sacramento Sheriff's Youth Impact Division for our annual Summer Youth Academy. The collaboration and partnership with the department has beneficially impacted the lives of the youth in many aspects. The collaboration with the Sheriff's Youth Impact Division has given us the opportunity to provide much more and to show the youth the value of mentorship, leadership, guidance and commitment to and from the community through the eyes of our public safety. ARI values this partnership and is committed to continuing this partnership with the Sheriff's Department as well as expanding it as the department sees fit."

Stephanie Nguyen
Executive Director
ARI Resources, Inc.

"I am a retired Associate Warden from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation entering my fourth year of volunteer work. I applaud the efforts of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department for their vision relative to addressing potential problematic areas impacting communities at large. Deputies Trzcinski and Zuniga have become actively involved in my life skills program. It has become clear that law enforcement agencies have been depicted, in many instances, as an "enemy" of the youth. The aforementioned deputies have been instrumental in painting a positive image of truth, encouragement and the desire to mentor youth rather than transporting them to juvenile authorities. This fact had become evident as the Life Skills program students began to ask for the return of the deputies this past school year. This unit (YSU) is to be commended on a job well done!"

Odette Crawford
Life Skills Instructor
Edward Harris Jr. Middle School

"Thank you for your help and support of our 2nd Annual Youth Ambassador Summer Camp. San Juan Unified School District's Prevention Programs greatly appreciates all Deputy Michael Saigeon and Deputy Dana Vicory have done to make this camp successful! Mike was integral in the planning process for the camp and introduced many resources. Dana provided an invaluable service to our girls by leading daily Girls Groups focusing on Self-Esteem, Body Image and Relational Aggression. As one of the girls said, "Deputy Dana ROCKS!" Because of your caring donation of valuable time, our students were able to build skills in areas such as Leadership, Bullying Prevention and Substance Use Prevention. One of our program's goals is to encourage youth to make positive choices by providing resources and support for a safe healthy lifestyle. Thank you for helping us support our youth."

San Juan Unified School District Prevention Programs
Renee Mello, Supervisor
Helena Vyvoda, Prevention Assistant

"Community Outreach Academy is greatly honored to partner with the Sheriff's Department during this school year...In a spirit of collaboration, we have been able to develop a series of different activities involving students, parents, and school staff...I believe that these events are baby steps in developing even a closer partnership between our schools and local law enforcement. We wish to educate our school community about such important topics as safety and drug-free life style...We feel privileged to be able to be a part of developing such a partnership between your department and our schools. We greatly appreciate your time and work and look forward to future events in conjunction with your department."

Yuliya Hall
Community Outreach Middle School

"As the counselor of Dyer-Kelly Elementary School, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Deputy Mike Saigeon and Deputy Miguel Arias from the Sacramento Sheriff's Youth Services Unit. Deputy Saigeon and Deputy Arias have provided valuable experiences for Dyer-Kelly students. Without a doubt, Deputy Saigeon, Deputy Arias and the rest of the Youth Services Unit has made an impact in the Dyer-Kelly community. I look forward to working with them in the future."

Paco Martinez
Dyer-Kelly Elementary

"My students and I were overjoyed to have your deputies visit our classrooms at Samuel Kennedy Elementary. We had the privilege of having Deputy Adrian Zuniga and Deputy Zach Hatch as guest speakers on March 22nd. The students were intrigued with them, their uniforms, the police car and the fact that they took time out to drop by. These deputies made some effective parallels for the students with reference to making good choices, growing up, keeping safe and the dangers of drugs. I wanted to take this opportunity to thanks these two individuals as well as the Sheriff's Department on behalf of myself and my students for that educational presentation."

Ms. Bain
Samuel Kennedy Elementary School

"As the Event Coordinator of the Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center, a non-profit organization in the heart of Oak Park, California, I am very pleased to say the Impact Division is making a difference among the youth in our community. It is with my great pleasure to commend Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones and the Sacramento Sheriff's Impact Division for their continued efforts to prevent Youth Violence. In particular, the Youth Services Unit (YSU) and its commitment to youth outreach. Through the efforts of the YSU Unit, they have created outreach opportunities for communities in and around Sacramento County."

Charles Doss
Event Coordinator
Dr. Ephriam Williams Family Life Center

"I just want to thank you for the awesome work the Youth Services Unit (YSU) does in the community. Your whole team is awesome. It has been nothing less than refreshing and thrilling to see the wonderful things coming from the Friday Night Hoops Program. It has been reported that many youth have inquired about careers in law enforcement. It's been a great experience working with your team. Your generosity is much appreciated."

Paris Dye
Director of Community Relations
Liberty Towers Church

"The International Faith Based Coalition appreciates and celebrates the support and partnership of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department working together with us to uplift the community. We are excited to play a role in bringing people together in a collaborative partnership that empowers citizens to make healthy decisions."

Bishop Ron Allen
President, CEO and Founder
International Faith Based Coalition

"Sergeant Scott my youth and I are having a blast at Friday Night Hoops! I’m sure they will wanna come back. I’m so glad we can be apart. You all are doing such an amazing job with the kids. Thank you and God bless!"

Tabitha Patton
Youth Director
Victory Life Bible Church

"My son played football for a few years and was invited to play rugby with the Rancho PAL Rugby team by a teammate from football. Wasn't sure what to think when I heard it was run by a local sheriff (Zach Hatch). Growing up, I got into a lot of trouble and haven't always been a fan of law enforcement. My son found rugby to be a great outlet, and it seemed to help keep him on the right path, as normally the further away from football season the more trouble he got into. He goes to a local junior high school (Albert Einstein) and his coach would make regular stops to check on the kids. He actually looked forward to his visits and it seemed to make his day when Coach Hatch would stop by and interact with the boys on their lunch break. It has given him something that I never had, a good experience and a trust in local law enforcement. I think that Coach Hatch and Coach Matt are great coaches and that made a huge difference. The boys listened to and really seemed to respect them. I've seen the relationship that Rancho PAL and Coach Hatch has built with some of the youth in this area, and I cannot stress enough what a good thing they've started. My son just did a report on what occupation he wanted to get into as an adult, and he chose to write it on Officer Hatch and being a Sheriff. I hope the program is around for a very long time."
Matthew Mefford, Rosemont (Parent)

"I am a single mother of three kids. Two of my boys have been on the PAL Rugby team for two years now, under the coaching of Matt Foster and Officer Hatch. These two men have made a change in these kids. With just my boys alone, I worry so much. I love that the PAL Rugby is a free program for these kids. Otherwise, I really don't think you will get the kids that need good peer activities. As with all sports, these kids become friends and build a bond. The PAL team has kids from four junior high schools, merging these kids together making friends with kids they would not see until high school or never meet. This is all a win-win for these kids. Over these two years, I have seen my two boys grow in this game. Seeing my boys play together as a whole instead of who is better than the other is a great feeling for me. And as a mother in Rancho, my boys don't always mean my two boys but refer to a group of these kids. I have seen Hector learn how to run -really run down a field - and Jonathan opened up out of the shadow of his brother and became his own player. These kids learn so much in rugby, from the first day of practice to the last game."
Jennifer McDonald, Rancho Cordova (Parent of two rugby players)

"Before two years ago, I myself have never even heard about the sport rugby. My whole family loves rugby now because of this being offered by the PAL league. As a single mother of a 14 year old boy, it was a great help not only to have this program offered on a free fee basis but to also have the male figure that these coaches brought to our kids. These coaches NEVER in the whole two years of playing made any of these boys that were out there have a feeling like they didn't matter. Even if a child wasn't that good at rugby, the coaches made them feel like they could accomplish anything. My son personally has made more lasting friendships through this program than I thought he would have."
Jennifer Wolf, Rancho Cordova (Parent)

"I attended the Gang Symposium in Rosemont on May 31, 2012. I am in the Foothill Farms/North Highlands Area but as we have seen an influx of graffiti and negative actions creeping upon our area, I felt it was important to attend the Gang Symposium. Knowledge is Power. What was said really resonated with me and I would like to get this basic message of "Every Action has a Consequence... even casually 'hanging out' with your cousin (who is a gang 'wannabe') can change your life! I want to relay that hard-hitting message of reality to area youth... I am so proud that we have people trying to proactively deter kids away from the gang lifestyle and give them a better choice in life. I wish we had a program like your SAL or the YSU in our area. Keep making a difference!"
Sabryna Roberson, Chapel-Bishop Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

"Your department plays a critical role in our community outreach efforts. Your staff is always courteous, fun, professional, informative and engaged in whatever activity they are involved in. Friday Night Hoops has been a success in every area. Every month, youth come to our campus to enjoy gym activities and hear a message from someone on your team. Since our partnership began, more and more youth are expressing an interest in law enforcement as a career option for them. Youth have hope of a future and are trusting law enforcement because of the work of you and your team."

Brittney Chambers
Program Developer/ Lead Life Coach
Sacramento Youth Initiative

"Dear SAL., Thank you so much for letting me come to the Friday Night Basketball Program. I really enjoy playing baskeball with you guys. Thank you especially for taking me to the amazing King's game."
Terron Leonard Tholmer-Student

"Dear SAL, I am thankful for your time and support. I'm glad you made this program for young kids like me who love basketball. I'm so grateful for you guys."
Dustin Tholmer-Student

"Dear SAL..Thank you for sponsoring the Friday Night Basketball Program for our youth. All of the boys I've brought to the program have absolutely loved it. When I ask the boys what their highs and lows are each day or Fridays they say, going to basketball tonight! The program has had a very positive impact on them in many different ways. They are building positive relationships with wonderful people in the Sheriff's Department. The boys are also learning some very valuable life lessons through the talk sessions you engage them in mid-way through the evening. We reflect on the lessons later, and I can tell that they're really listening and thinking about what's been said and shared. We have so much talent amongst our youth. I appreciate SAL's goal of helping all youth reach their potential. Thanks so much for your time and dedication."
Sharon Tholmer- Parent

Lunch Time with YSU Testimonials:

"I absolutely loved the visit from the deputies! It was fun! I took pictures of the car and I had a picture taken of me and a deputy. I really liked it because when I'm older I want to be a C.S.I. person. I had a conversation with one of them. I think we should do it again!"
Will Rogers Middle School Student

"Dear Police Officer thank you for coming to our school, I really appreciated it. You guys described everything you did and gave out stickers. The cop cars were awesome and very exciting."
Will Rogers Middle School Student

"I think it was awesome that they did that. And I think in the future they should have an officer come and talk about his job and go into detail about their day to day lives."
Will Rogers Middle School Student

"I enjoyed it because police have a very interesting job and it was cool getting to see so many things like the car up close. Thank you."
Will Rogers Middle School Student

"I knew one of the officers his name is Deputy Saigeon and he was the officer for the SHOCK Program which I recently graduated from."
Will Rogers Middle School Student

"I liked the car design and how they parked it. I also took pictures. I think the cops should visit more often."
Will Rogers Middle School Student

Girls Circle Testimonials:

"Girls Circle impacted me by helping me accept myself for who I am and helped me learn that I am important. Girls Circle changed me by helping me feel better about myself."
Sarah Escudero - Einstein Middle School Student

"Girls Circle was really fun. It's awesome. It taught me how to be a better person. That's what I learned, along with how other people act about certain things. It affected me in a good way because it made me a better person. I liked how an awesome cop (Ms. Dana) took the time out of her day to mentor me and the Girls Circle members about life and things that girls beat themselves up about."
Maricia Allen - Einstein Middle School Student

"Girls Circle was enjoyable. It taught me how to calm down with upcoming tests and projects. Now I am more calm and doing work more efficiently without stress."
Sorina Munteanu - Einstein Middle School Student

"I like how we had fun and talked about our feelings. I learned how to do a lot of projects. It affected me in my life. I talk more to my Mom."
Micah Richard - Einstein Middle School

Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy (SYLA) Testimonials:

"Going to the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy was fun and beneficial. The progam was a benefit for me because it taught us how to handle our lives better. It also taught us how to be anti-gang free. One more reason it was a benefit for me was it pushed me to focus and get good grades so I can stay in the program. Going through the Sheriff's progam was a big help."
Alejandro Orduno, James Rutter Middle School Student

"The reason I signed up for the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy is because I wanted to see how cops were in real life. I heard so many stories that they (cops) were mean and bad guys. I didn't believe it because cops get bad guys off the street so that is why I joined. I liked it and found out things that I didn't even know about before and that is why I joined."
Amya Taylor, James Rutter Middle School Student

"I joined the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy because I want to become a leader not a follower. I strongly believe I can change my image. I'm tired of getting in trouble. By being in the Sheriff Activities League program I have a chance to change between today and my future. I am interested in law enforcement and want to show I'm living proof."
Jesus Lopez, James Rutter Middle School Student

"It really helped me think about what I'm going to do when I grow up."
Jia Zheng - James Rutter Middle School Student

"I participated in the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy because it was a way to learn about Sheriffs. It had a very good impact on me it really changed me."
Cheyenne Davis - James Rutter Middle School Student

"I participated in the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy because I always wanted to be a K-9 police officer. I want to work with animals because K-9 dogs are amazing. The Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy made a big impact on me. Thank you so much!"
Vanessa Saldana - James Rutter Middle School Student

"I participated because I knew I would learn something and it would be fun and I love K-9's so I could do that. It helped me learn and want to be an officer also it helped me learn new things I want to do with my life."
Karla Nieves - James Rutter Middle School Student

"I wanted to learn new things. I liked being able to go on the field trip and learning new things about law enforcement."
Zheng Chau, Ed Harris Middle School Student

"I participated in the Sheriff's Leadership Academy because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about the field of law enforcement. I liked the probation officer and the K9 Unit."
Kayla Asuncion-Nert, Ed Harris Middle School Student

"I participated because I wanted to know what police do and understand what it takes to work as a police officer."
Marina Espinova, Ed Harris Middle School Student

"I participated in the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy because I wanted to learn new things about law enforcement. I liked the guest speakers and the field trip to the State Capital
Nia Collins, Ed Harris Middle School Student

Sheriff's Activities League (SAL) Youth Rugby

I enjoyed the game of rugby it was fun. Rugby inspired my life by having me put down the Xbox 360 controller, turning off the TV and stop hanging out with the people I used to hang with. I had around 13 F's last year. This year I have had 5. If Rugby season was longer I believe I could have done better. During Rugby season I had 2 F's. I would like if we did have another season during 9th grade year. I have met a lot of new people. I still will try to keep my grades up rugby inspired me to bring my grades up during the season they've dropped I made sure I brought them up to play in the game. I have a different outlook on Sheriff's now because of Coach Zach and Coach Cary. I have a different outlook on Sheriff's because I hated Sheriff's to be honest now I look up to them. I see on the news cops killing blacks, so I stopped liking them."
SAL Rugby Player

"I support the Sacramento Sheriff Activities League because the league has helped me accomplish many tasks. They have donated their time to come and help us succeed in life and school. Ever since I joined the Sacramento Sheriff Activities League Rugby organization my grades have gotten much better. I have met a lot of new people and become good friends with them. The league helped me be more friendly and hang around with friends more often. I learned to work together with other players on the team. I thank Coaches and others for helping me get my life back in shape. This is why I support the Sacramento Sheriff's Activities League."
SAL Rugby Player

"In this season I had a lot of fun in rugby. It is the first rugby team I have ever been on. It was great, because I've always wanted to be on a rugby team but never could find one close to my school or house. Many people think rugby is about just hitting other people but it's not. It's a traditional sport created by islanders. I enjoyed playing rugby very much. Playing rugby changed me a little because I've heard the expression "If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything", and one time we were at a game and I was really focused that day and there was this really fast guy and I knew I could catch him so I ran after him for a while and he was way faster than I was but I still caught him. The coaches were determined to get us to the finals but more importantly on the right path constantly telling if you get in fights get suspended you're off the team and there were some students that made the wrong choice and now they regret it. The Sac. State players are really good at rugby. I did not know anybody at the beginning of the season but at the end we all became friends."
SAL Rugby Player

"First, I would like to say thanks for choosing this school to be in the Sheriff's Activities League. This was the first official team I have ever been in and I always wanted to be able to call someone coach and with this team I was able to. I actually never knew what rugby was until I joined the league. To me it is one of the most fun and best sports ever it doesn't stop and it just keeps going. I used to be just a football or soccer player but when their combined it opens up a new world for me. Interacting with the Sac state players was exciting for me because I have always wanted to meet players from official teams and to me the Sac state team was an official team like the NFL or the NBA. The coaches we had were some of the greatest I have known. Usually when I see coaches for my friends or on t.v. or even in high school their always yelling and being some of the worst people I have seen. These were great they believed in me and trusted me with the field goals and kick offs usually I never get trusted with those responsibility even when I missed they picked me up and put my confidence high. One more time I would like to say thank you for choosing this school and believing in me."
SAL Rugby Player