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A message from Sergeant Cary Trzcinski

I am honored to be assigned as the supervisor of the Youth Services Unit (YSU). Our unit is comprised of one supervisor and six Youth Services Officers. YSU is committed to initiating community outreach efforts designed to prevent youth and gang violence throughout the Sacramento region. I believe with the assistance of community partners such as the Sheriff's Activities League (SAL) and the Sheriff's Community Impact Program (SCIP) YSU will have a positive impact on the lives of the youth. Research shows the best strategies to combat youth violence are those that are collaborative and have a strong presence of community involvement. It is important law enforcement and community partners mobilize together to invest in our youth and assist them in achieving their full potential. I believe this is the most effective strategy to prevent youth from engaging in delinquent and violent behavior. YSU is fully committed to playing a key role in Sheriff Jones' regional efforts, via community outreach, in proactively combating the destructive influence gangs and violence has on our youth. For more information email Sgt. Cary Trzcinski at ctrzcinski@sacsheriff.com.